$280 - $20 p Person

As far as bonding goes, we know that shenanigans and mutual struggles will do it! Come to this hour long class with your Greek Family, and be prepared to help each other through poses you never knew you could achieve. You’ll test and build each other’s trust, and create memories to pass down the line.

Capacity: 14


$240 - $20 p Person

This fun sampler class is time to be filled with laughter and creative photo ops! In the hour and a half class, you will step outside your comfort zone with your feet in the air, and head close to the ground. Explore aerial yoga, pole fitness and aerial hoop. Fill your curiosity of the aerial world with friends!

Capacity: 12


Hey girls! Are you ready to fly and hang out with one another upside down? We are! Here is a warm welcome from Wild Orchid Studio! Our Team is SO excited to meet you and share our love of aerial movement with you. With aerials quickly growing in popularity across the globe, we thought it would be perfect to introduce it to you through some of our themed classes. 

Come hang with us, with each other, your mommas, and a variety of aerial apparatuses, pronto!




$240 - $20 p Person

Mom is in town and wants to do something she wouldn’t try on her own…sounds like some pole fun! During this session, you can expect some mother-daughter partner stretching that will transition into basic pole and floor work. The instructor will help you link these skills to create a small combo that you will then perform – mothers vs. daughters. Who will do it better?

Capacity: 12


$100 - $20 p Person

One of the best ways to de-stress and to become more energized is through movement! The first half of this session will be focused on partner stretching and partner yoga. The session will then move into a relaxing yoga sequence on the aerial hammocks. Your body will especially thank you at the end when you are cocooned in fabric being rocked to sleep.

Capacity: 5


$240 - $20 p Person

Trust and communication comes in many forms and is therefore developed through many modes. This workshop is designed especially for your Committee Head Members and Executive Board! Through fun and mentally stimulating activities, your members’ communication and trust with one another will

Capacity: 12

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