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New to Pole or Lyra?


Option 2

Can't make our regular scheduled Foundations program? Create your own with a group of friends! Open to groups of 4+.

$119 / Person


Begin Your Adventure

4 week introductory series for members new to Pole or Lyra. Begin and progress with other newbies as you learn and strengthen the foundations of your apparatus.

$119 / Series


Option 3

Prefer to learn the basics in a more intimate and accelerated setting? Book a Foundations Private Package around your schedule. Includes three, one hour sessions. Open to one to three people.

$145 / Person


Option 4

Have previous Pole or Lyra experience? Skip Foundations and schedule a 30 minute assessment session. Share your previous experiences and future goals; we'll get you placed in the right classes!

$25 / Session


Here are our most frequently asked questions. Looking for more answers? Feel free to give us a call!


I will not give up – I will ask for a variation


I understand that not every thing is right for every body, and that not everyone learns at the same pace


I will own my uniqueness and embrace my beauty without comparing

my body or movements to others


I will own my frustrations, push through them and finish strong


I will point my toes and straighten my legs


I will be open-minded and embrace things outside my comfort zone


I will remember that just because I already learned something it does not

mean I cannot perfect it


I will not say “I can’t” I will say “I’ll try”


I will give my instructor and classmates respect. They should not have to

talk over me or dance while I am chatting – my conversation can wait


I will support my classmates and cheer them on for even their smallest

accomplishments because every success is important!


I will not hog equipment and ask for just one more try - which results in my

classmates getting one less try


I will help my classmates with skills they already know but I WILL NOT

teach them new skills, understanding that doing so is a liability to the

studio, is disrespectful to my instructors, and disrupts the curriculum

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