Do I get the entire center with the flat rate price?


How long can I stay?

We do not have a required end time, besides before we open the next day. Carlsbad has a noise ordinance of 10pm (if you are playing music outside, band or DJ, you must end then). If you are playing it inside, it is okay to continue after 10pm. It is recommended that you call the Carlsbad Police non-emergency line ahead of time to let them know of your party: (760) 931-2197.

Can I bring in Alcohol?


Can I bring in Catering?

Yes. No Styrofoam

What is the lighting like outdoors?

There is lights that automatically turn on the surrounding building at dusk and market lights strung across the back patio.

Do you have heating and air conditioning?

Inside, yes. We do not have outdoor heat lamps.

Can I bring outside rental items in?

Yes. The drop-off needs to occur at time of rental. Pick-up needs to occur before our opening hours the following day.

Can I bring in decorations and put up items?

Yes. You will be charged the $100 security deposit fee if the decorations do not come down at the end of the night, or if any items destroy the paint on the walls.

Are the animals covered up or moved in the main room?

All the bird habitats and displays are moved into the back offices. The reptile corner is not, besides the one on wheels. We do not have covers. You are welcome to drape over them though.

Do you have linens?


How many tables and chairs do you have?

16) 6ft rectangular tables, (1) 4ft rectangular table. 50 white chairs, 18 grey chairs (all included at no cost). 4 circular belly up bars; $5 each.

What should I bring?

Your own kitchen items (we do not have any serving trays, wine openers, utensils or accessories), your own lighter (to light candles), no Styrofoam (we are a no Styrofoam zone).

How do I reserve?

Join as a Discovery Member (memberships are non refundable). Full payment required within two weeks of the rental. 50% Non-Refundable Fee charged in the months of June and December upon booking. Non-Refundable if cancelled within two weeks.

Does the AHLF Set-Up Chairs & Tables?

We can set up our own tables and chairs at a cost of $50. We do not set-up additional items.

Can I drop items off before my rented time?

No. All items need to be delivered within the window of your rental.

Are we allowed to have fire pits on the back patio?


Can we bring a pinata?


Do you have extension cords for us to use?


Can we use the Kitchen/Fridge/Freezer?

Yes. We clear a shelf in the fridge. The freezer has very limited space. We recommend you bring plenty of coolers. The entire kitchen you may use.

Do you have scissors/tape/sharpies for use?

No please bring all supplies form home.

Do we lock the doors at the end of the night?

Yes, we provide a key and you lock the doors, shut off the lights and shut the gate. We have a cleaning team for $200 that will come in the morning and put all tables/chairs away, take out the trash and clean. Otherwise you do so.

Can we have candles?


Is there WIFI?


We love to share the studio with our members and the general community. 

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