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Reclaim your power

Conquer shame, take up space, and live vibrantly.

At Wild Orchid we're a community of people working together to transform, rise above the nonsense, and grow stronger. Self-love warriors, risqué, playful by nature, and authentically us!

What brings someone into their first pole class is often far more profound than “gaining upper body strength.” Through our programs, students give voice to long-held yearnings — to release trauma, ignite self-confidence after life changes, reconnect with the body, unbind from shame, or fully step into sensual power once deemed taboo. They speak of wanting not just external strength but resilience, not just flexibility but freedom from judgement, not just skills but radical self-love and acceptance.

My calling is to help guide people to meet these innermost needs. To offer a space where people can honor suppressed parts of themselves. To help our community rewrite limiting beliefs into liberating truths through movement that frees. Our studio bears witness to personal revolutions, great and small.


This is the work I feel so fortunate to do every day — facilitating growth and transformation from the inside out. Helping move people from disconnect to embodiment, from self-doubt to love. Reminding our students of their wholeness through movement that ultimately sets their most authentic spirit free.

This is the liberation we all deserve to feel as our birthright. My commitment is to keep nurturing that freedom at Wild Orchid.

Wild Orchid Founder,


Anita DeCastro

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