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Reclaim your power

Conquer shame, take up space, and live vibrantly.

At Wild Orchid we're a community of people working together to transform, rise above the nonsense, and grow stronger. Self-love warriors, risqué, playful by nature, and authentically us!

Register for your first class

We're honored to be able to say that our Foundations series fill up fast. Get on our priority waitlist to get first dibs on the next one, and guarantee your spot. We'll contact you as soon as we hear from you. 

Wild Orchid Foundations

Begin your Wild Orchid journey with our 4-week foundations program.


At Wild Orchid we believe in the power of owning our stories. Through courageous, aligned, and authentic living - unshaken by shame, judgement, or disempowering programming - we embrace ourselves fully. Our experience has shown us that there is freedom in movement, play, intimacy, pleasure, in knowing our bodies, and in filling our cups. Collectively we strive to practice and embody self-love, courage, trust, brave communication, and boundary setting - all while dancing our hearts out and fiercely celebrating one another!


Wild Orchid Foundations is an invitation for you to grow stronger, play, connect with like-hearted humans, and begin the journey of owning your radiant and authentic truth.

Our program includes:

  • Four 75 minute classes featuring fun and accessible pole, chair, and floor based skills.

  • In-class movement meditations focusing on body love and sensual awakening.

  • Weekly journaling prompts for connection, reflection, and expansion.

  • Small class sizes for a more personal experience (max 9 people).

Program cost: $119 for the entire month. New sessions start at the beginning of each month. Due to our small class sizes, our sessions fill up quickly. Get on our priority list to get first dibs on upcoming series.

When we ask students why they're taking their first pole class, we often get a blanket answer like "to gain upper body strength". But as they move through our program, we start to really unpack some deeper seeded hopes and desires. Like the hope to release trauma from a disempowering relationship, or the desire to increase confidence, and reconnect with their body after childbirth, or sometimes it's the yearning to be celebrated and to move without carrying the crippling fear of shame. For others, it's about play time, me time, or about igniting creativity in order to spice up a marriage. Whatever the reason, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help folks work through these real life emotions, and to provide a local sanctuary for self discovery and expression.

Wild Orchid Founder, Anita DeCastro

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